Lynette Cenée | YouTube Personality

Lynette Cenée is a multi-faceted beauty expert and entrepreneur that was raised in the entertainment and beauty industry offering her several more years of experience prior to diving into the professional world on her own. Learning the importance of stage makeup at a very young age was the spark of a burning passion that continued to grow and evolve over time. Not wanting to be limited in anyway by all this industry has to offer, Lynette has explored each of these industries to the fullest. Lynette has been the go-to artist for many celebrities, commercials, photo shoots, music videos, fashion shows, TV/film/web series, magazine spreads, national ad campaigns, and every major award show AND her newest addition, Ipsy’s stylist.

Tell us about the path that led you to where you are today.

My dad is actually a professional magician, believe it or not, so I grew up watching him perform on stage with my mom as his assistant. I was introduced to the power of makeup at a young age as a result and then eventually as I got older my mom passed the magic wand down to me (pun intended) and I was able to assist him. Moving on to the more recent years of growth that I have experienced, I really have to say my husband Corey Ferrugia has really been the one behind the scenes elevating me. He has his degree in business started his own company in 2009 and has taught me so many incredible things in that area. All of these things combined have really shaped who I am today.

What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve faced? And, how did you overcome it?

I had a very unique entry into the Youtube world. I was actually casted by a start-up production company as a beauty expert and licensed professional in the industry to basically be the talent and creative director when first launching my channel. As we all know start-ups go through growing pains and it eventually hit a point where I needed to go in my own direction. This was hard for me because I had started with a team of 13 people, and then found myself as a “one man band”. This stretched me in ways I cannot even begin to explain, I am so grateful in the end because I can now fully create content on my own and wear the hat of director, producer, editor, talent, etc.

You were raised in the beauty industry. Can you offer three pieces of advice to those who want to break into this industry, but don’t know how to get started?

Know your sh*% – seriously though. This industry is so over saturated with “beauty junkies” that the only way to truly make your mark is to know what you’re actually talking about. Research. Educate yourself. It’s the best leverage. The cream rises to the top.

If you’re serious, like really, really serious and want be considered an expert in the field I would recommend getting licensed in cosmetology or attend esthetician school if you are able. In the grand picture of your story carving, 6-9 months (depending on the program) out of your life to invest in yourself and your brand is worth it. I know salon owners and CEOs of makeup brands that never intended on performing services on clients but attended just to know the industry more intimately and strengthen their skill set in leadership.

Find a mentor, collaborate with those that you are inspired by and try to be the quickest to add value in any room you walk into. It’s amazing how the world opens up to you when you practice all of these.

How do you stay organized and prioritize your schedule? Any favorite tools you’d like to share?

Google calendar and Google drive save my life! I also highly recommend Evernote for taking notes on your phone. There are many aspects within the app that assist in keeping you organized. Another great tip is being able to decipher what is top priority and what my husband and I like to call a “not now” action item. It’s okay that certain things you want to accomplish may be down the line, and learn to not necessarily say “no” to them but rather “not now”.

If you could only take five beauty items with you on an island excursion, what would they be?Beauty Blender

  • Liquid Liner
  • Bronzer
  • Lashes
  • Liquid Lipstick

It was a tough call because I would have said coconut oil but that’s already a given since you said an “island excursion” – Woo hoo!

What do you do on a typical Thursday night?

We are very social so typically rather than the typical answer of “Netflix and Chill” we usually have a few friends over to drink wine, enjoy a good meal together and maybe if we are feeling real crazy, even have a game night. LOL!

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