Kate Brown | Morton & Mabel

As a mother, I need to keep track of a lot and I end up using my brain power on the smallest of tasks. Before I had kids, I dreamt of how their closets would look and I pictured them dressed as little ‘mini-me’s.’ Two kids later… that is no longer the case. I desire to dress my kids effortlessly and that requires a certain amount of functionality to span the course of their day. However, when I look for items I tend to find over-stylized products covered in ruffles and bows or bare basics that end up looking sloppy. 

Starting in fashion at age 12 as a model, I’ve longed to be the head of my own label for many years. After marriage and kids, I needed to find an outlet that fit my lifestyle. That’s when I birthed what I like to call my third child, Morton & Mabel; timeless, functional children’s wear for ages 4-10, taking the stress out of kids’ wardrobes and providing options to minimalist parents. Most recently and to pass on reduced costs, I began to recycle materials from our core kid’s line into my baby and SHE lines.

In creating Morton & Mabel, my solution was to create basic silhouettes utilizing great design and high-quality, durable fabrics while still leaving room for a child’s imagination. My aim is to provide parents with genderless, timeless options that can be passed on, shared, or saved for future generations.  All of my items are created in muted colors giving parents the option to pair with anything.

Launched in August of 2016 and we’ve had an incredible response in our Mother city, Nashville, TN.  The brand is now ready to take to other locations and spread the word beyond TN. Morton & Mabel is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on iFundWomen’s platform to fund a National Tour to 9 new locations across the US. Our goal is to bring products to new markets, forge long-lasting partnerships and help parents redefine the relationship with their children through clothing.

***Campaign closes April 14th.  Visit here ***

A little more about the founder of Morton & Mabel, Kate Brown:

What is your current city and neighborhood? Where did you grow up?

Currently, we live in Nashville, TN. We moved here 3 years ago from college city, Champaign, IL. Although Nashville already feels like home.

How did you get into this type of production? What made you interested in it?

I started Morton & Mabel almost 3 years ago when I found my day job of hairstyling lackluster. I felt my purpose was always to be in design and fashion as that’s what I studied in school. Combining my need for timeless children’s pieces and interest in design, I developed Morton & Mabel, a children’s brand for kids ages 4-10 providing options to minimalist parents.

Briefly describe your process. How do you do what you do?

My process is a long, convoluted one, but includes many of Nashville’s best. I design all the goods and have them developed and manufactured at The Brand Developers Nashville (previously, Omega Apparel).  By having a facility here in Nashville, the process is very hands-on. I wanted to produce my items here for quality and communication purposes.  This way, nothing slips through the cracks.

What makes your process unique?

My close relationship with those at TBD Nashville makes my process unique.  I get to be there every step of the way and have developed quite a close relationship with those who develop and produce my goods.  As well, our products are short runs and very exclusive. We put care into each style we develop trying to achieve 100% functionality to span the day of a child.  

Where do you get the materials you use (if relevant)?

We work with mills in Japan and Canada. We believe these textiles are that of the finest and work best for functionality of children’s wear.

What is something interesting special no one would know about your goods just by looking at them?

We put finishing touches on each of our items that are visible to the eye, but the stories behind them are my favorite.  In our core collection, we have named and designed for each member of our family.  For instance, the Abe Jacket was created to be tough and functional for our nephew, Lincoln.  Over the past year, he’s been diagnosed with Hemophilia – which is a rare blood disease that causes him to bruise easily and bleed internally.  We created our first run of the Abe Jacket from a waxed cotton – a material that scratches easily, but one of the most durable. Just like Lincoln.

Are there any specific philosophies that are important to you or your work?

The one I repeat the most is, “in order to do minimal well, you must be intentional”

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